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All of our kayaks have found new homes. Scroll down to learn how to order your own built-to-order kayak.


To help make purchasing a kayak feasible, Seawolf offers two options for custom ordered kayaks:

110126-GASWORKSPADDLE-001Option 1: Built in Seattle

Most custom orders are built at Seawolf’s home base in Seattle, WA. In most cases, custom orders can be built within two weeks of the order, and either picked up at our shop or delivered to you.

See our shipping policies below.

FISH 140717 SCKAYAK 4194Option 2: Built on Location

To help save on shipping, we can build a kayak for you during a workshop in your area. Kayaks built on location will need to be picked up on the last day of the workshop.

See our list of upcoming workshops for one near you.


Your kayak can be designed to fit your interests and personal style. After choosing your kayak model, we are able to customize cockpit fitting, deck lines, and color.

Deck Lines

Deck lines with antler toggles

Our deck lines and carrying handles are made from hand-cut pre-stretched latigo leather with hard oak toggles – both beautiful and more durable than elastic bungees. In a pinch, a fully loaded kayak can be towed by the latigo straps.

Standard deck lines include one set on each the fore and aft decks – perfect for easy access to an extra paddle, bilge pump, water bottle, camera, snacks… anything you need within reach.


Color pigments

Our kayaks are dyed with natural clay-based pigments mixed into the polyurethane. Have a color in mind? We will do our best to color-match.

See our color guide for some inspiration!


Cockpit Outfitting & Accessories

There are a thousand and one ways to outfit your cockpit. You can add foot rests, seats, thigh braces, back bands, or nothing at all! We paddled without any of the above for years. However, life is too short to be uncomfortable, so we offer a limited set of accessories (the same ones we use!) to increase paddling comfort.

Foot Braces

All Seawolf kayaks come with adjustable foot braces for stability and comfort. Cost: included ($35 for workshop kayaks)

Back Band

Snapdragon back bands maximize support and comfort for those long paddling days. Cost: $50

Seat Pad

Each foam seat pad is carved to fit snuggly between the ribs of the cockpit, for maximum padding under your tush. Cost: $80


Kayaks by Model

Compare kayak models

Kurki — $2,395
Selkie — $2,195
Adaro — $1,995
Mora — $2,195
Kelpie — $2,195

Accessories & Extras

Carbon Fiber Greenland Paddle — $350
Band Band (incl. installation) — $55
Seat Pad (incl. installation) — $80
Foot Braces — included*

*Foot pegs are an optional add-on for workshop builders. Cost: $35.
Prices may vary outside US.


Email us to purchase a kayak in stock or to place an order for a custom kayak. We will answer any questions you have about our kayaks and walk you though ordering, customizing, and delivery.

We accept cash, checks, money order, or credit cards through Paypal (add 3% fee). 

Where’s the checkout cart?
Since each kayak is customized for the paddler, we handle every order one-by-one over email, phone, or in person. This way, we can answer your questions and be sure you’re getting the best kayak for you before you buy it – a lot to ask of an automated shopping cart.

Things to know when ordering a kayak:

  • Kayaks in stock are available for immediate pick-up. Prices listed do not include Washington State sales tax.
  • For custom orders, we may ask you for your height and weight to determine cockpit size and foot rest setting.
  • Our average turn around time is 2 weeks. However this can change depending on our workshop schedule and other travel commitments. We treat each order individually, including giving you a fair and honest turn-around time for building your kayak.
  • We do not have a factory. Every kayak is hand-built by us from scratch. When you order a kayak, we handpick the lumber for the gunwales and keels and build every piece from the ground up — from milling the lumber, to attaching the deck lines.



  • All kayaks in stock are available for immediate pick-up from Seattle (or their alternate location).
  • Custom kayaks can be built and picked up from our shop in Seattle or any workshop location
  • Custom kayaks built during a workshop must be picked up on the final day of the workshop (a Sunday) from the workshop location.


    We can deliver kayaks within 300 miles of Seattle at a low cost.
    For delivery 300+ miles from our Seattle, we ship through a specialized boat transport company. Shipping across the US can take up to 2 months or longer and costs $400-700 per kayak.

Unsure about delivery options? Send us an email.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: At this time, we only deliver to the continental US and Canada. Overseas shipping may be arranged by the buyer at their own risk.

 Carbon Fiber Greenland Paddles 

Seawolf now offers carbon fiber Greenland kayak paddles! Each paddle is manufactured to the Seawolf Greenland specification, and includes a subtle Seawolf logo printed on the blade. Paddles are 2-part take-down for easy transport and storage. Shipping varies by location.

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