If you’ve ever wanted to hear the symphony that is bringing a traditional kayak to life, then glance at this video, from our kayak-building workshop in Teton, Idaho, in conjunction with the Rabbitstick Rendezvous.

5 responses to “How to build a kayak in 70 seconds

  1. Beautiful! I would love to do that in February. I’m counting my money and figuring a way to get the kayak with me to Alaska. Is there space in the class. How many students do you take.

    See you in February!

    Ps. I’m building a frame shop right now so I will know more about carpentering than I did before this summer.

    1. Hi Gitte! I do have space in the class in February, I have space for five total. People have shipped their kayaks before (through Yellow LTL), or Craigslisted a ride for them on occasion.

      See you in February at WinterCount and good luck with the carpentry and the winter!

  2. Hi Kiliii,
    I love the film and the end result is such a beautiful kayak that your students must be so proud to have built and of course, to use.
    I'll forward this to all my friends who are involved in boating, kayaking and canoeing! Love and hugs, Janet

  3. Hi Kiliii,
    The films are a great idea. I really love the kayaks. When I move back to water again, I will come to you to build one. Hope to see you at Winter Count.

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