Folks, our friend and bamboo supplier at NW Bamboo in Portland, Oregon, has put together a terrific deal on bamboo ply in kit form for skin-on-frame sea kayaks. This kit is milled to the Seawolf Kayak spec, and provides enough material for ribs and a coaming for a single 17′ boat, including enough to break a lot of ribs and to give you two tries at each bending on the coaming. Email or call 503.695.3283.

Sea Kayak Bamboo Kit

5 responses to “Kayak Bamboo Kits Available from NW Bamboo

  1. Hi Kiliii,
    I am making me a 16 foot skin on frame canoe. After I have seen that Brian
    Schulz from Cape Falcon uses Bamboo laminates I decided to make the ribs out of it too. I took 6mm by 50mm dimension.
    I am ready with the frame, oiling it.
    It looks great.
    Friendly yours,

    1. I am in the planning stages of building a SOF Kayak. Are bamboo ply and bamboo laminates the same material? And how are they to work with; won’t ripping, cutting, sanding produce lots of splinters?

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