Advantages of the Greenland Paddle

In the last ten years, Greenland paddles have sprung into popularity amongst sea kayakers. Once considered mere sticks of wood by ‘modern’ paddlers, today many of the world speed records and notable sea kayaking achievements have been set by paddlers using Greenland paddles. 

Distance Paddling. The most notable benefit of Greenland paddles is they allow a highly efficient stroke over long distances. A paddler using a Greenland needs to only bring their hand below the level of their eyes to complete a vertical stroke, saving a massive amount of energy relative to use of a shorter paddle. While they do not create as much power per stroke as a Euro or Wing paddle, the Greenland paddle is more efficient for the amount of energy you expend – a great advantage for a long day’s paddle and multi-day trips.

Boat Handling. Greenland paddles are symmetric along two axes, making boat-handling much easier. Sculling, braces, and draw strokes do not depend on paddle orientation and paddle flutter is much easier to manage. The low profile of Greenland paddles makes for less resistance in a headwind.

Handmade. When made correctly, wooden Greenland paddles can be as light as an expensive carbon fiber paddle, cost next to nothing, and have the character of a handmade piece. Wood also has a forgiveness in the stroke that is much more forgiving than the rigidity of carbon fiber.

Rolling. The Greenland paddle offers countless rolls and braces. The flexibility in the Greenland paddle for rolling is unmatched, allowing for extended-paddle rolls, single-handed rolls, rolls supported by paddle buoyancy, and so on. When capsized, indexing a Greenland paddle underwater is much easier and more intuitive.

The Seawolf Modified Greenland

The original Greenland paddles had a specific purpose—sneaking up on seals. Just like replica boats, traditional paddles are not always meant for our modern uses.

Seawolf’s Greenland paddle is born from over a decade of experience with traditional and modern paddles alike. Modified from a historic paddle, our it is designed for the modern kayaker. Our paddles are optimized to minimize wrist and tendon strain and maximize stroke power while remaining ultra-light.

All workshop participants hand-plane and finish their own Greenland paddle.

Seawolf now sells Greenland paddles!
See our store page for order info.

Care for your Greenland Paddle:

Yearly TLC
Before each kayak season, brush paddle with teak oil. Wait 1 day before paddling.

Sand dry paddle with 80-120grit. Brush with teak oil. Wait 1 day before paddling.

Splits & Cracks
Fill with wood glue or Gorilla glue. Clamp and set according to glue instructions. Sand. Get back out there.

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