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Kurki Touring kayak

As a sea kayaker for 12 years I have paddled a few different kayak designs and liked the idea of a skin on frame. I enjoy touring so decided the Kurki (Heron in Finnish) may suit me best. Its long waterline and high volume belies its weight of just 12kg! Paddlling with just my 73kg weight can be a bit prone to wind and feel a bit twitchy, but really comes into its own when loaded for camping. It edge turns on the hard chines very keenly and cuts through waves like a knife. I used it shortly after building for a kayak camp along the South coast of England, launching into 3ft waves. All kit was stowed into dry bags fore and aft with string to retrieve the smaller end bags which had been poked in place with the Greenland stick. It paddled very well and was quick and stable. Weather-cocking from a rear quartering breeze was there, as normal. A strap-on skeg is useful for such conditions to avoid getting tired from compensating with the paddle. A kayak sock is a good idea to make or buy, to prevent water entering the storage areas. All in all a great kayak, definitely not a Greenland roller, but strong and great for touring!
- Alan Trevarton


Kiliii and Addie have completely debugged a complex traditional craft. Outstanding fun workshop! My Kurki is proving to be the perfect boat - super fast yet stable, gorgeous, easy to get on the car and even smells great. In fact, I did a couple of time trials comparing the Kurki to my ugly unstable surfski . The Kurki was significantly faster upstream, downstream, against the wind and with the wind. I've since sold the surfski and am enjoying every minute in the Kurki.
- Doug L

We love our Moras!

My wife and I each got our Moras in late July of this year, and have been out in them every week. Even though we are pretty much beginners, we have found it easy to get used to way they glide through the water, how to edge them, and how they provide great secondary stability. Coupled with the beautiful Greenland paddles we also purchased, a day on the lake or Puget Sound takes you back in time. The craftsmanship is excellent, and Addie and Kiliii are a joy to work with. Thank you both!
- Rich and Kay Greenberg

Smooth as Selkie

I finally got to take my Selkie out to the ocean for the first time since making it in Oregon in July and I must admit that I had a blast. I had only one opportunity to put it on a calm lake after our build so I had a little trepidation about the stability of the kayak once I hit the rougher ocean water, but the Selkie was able to handle the currents and ocean swells without so much as a wobble. As far as performance goes, the weight and measurements of the Selkie made it nimble enough for me to keep up with the more experienced paddlers in my group and I was even more surprised that, after 3 hours of paddling, I still had plenty of energy to spare. Couple its performance with its great looks and you feel like a movie star on and off the water. People are very impressed with the style and characteristics of the Selkie which gives me a great sense of pride of ownership. Thanks to Addie and Kiliii for sharing your experiences and skills in allowing me to make such a beautiful watercraft. Will definitely build another one!
- Brett B

Kelpie: Perfect for small paddlers!

I am a small paddler, at 5’5” and 115 lbs. I’ve been paddling off and on for more than 25 years, and regularly for 11 years. I’ve always struggled to find a kayak that truly fit me, that didn’t feel like paddling a barge. I had my eye on the Seawolf website for some time, awaiting the debut of the new Kelpie, and it certainly didn’t disappoint! I did a quick test paddle of a demo model, and then signed on for the workshop. The Kelpie is the kayak I’ve been waiting for. It is just a fantastic kayak for a small paddler – it fits like a glove with minimal outfitting, and is quite responsive. What a joy to paddle a kayak that fits! I paddle mostly in the ocean and bay near the San Francisco bay area, and so far I’ve been thrilled with the kayak’s performance. It edges very well, allowing nice maneuverability, and tracks reasonably well in wind and chop even without a skeg, requiring only a few corrective strokes or edging. The thrill of paddling this kayak is magnified by the pride in building, and I look forward to many, many miles on the water in this beauty. Thank you, thank you to Kiliii and Addie for designing a kayak for smaller, experienced paddlers!
- Cris Lewis


I've yet to paddle ms. Mora in conditions, but i'm fairly sure she's going to be more seaworthy than I am. Already I know she tracks like a track star and turns on a dime. She's a fast one; and, rolls on cue! Can't wait to get my forward finishing roll dialed in with her. Waiting for a sea sock to try a re entry roll. Stay tuned!
- Fred Becker

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