The December issue of  Sea Kayaker magazine is out, with a rather verbose article written by yours truly, titled “31 Days of Rice, Butter, and Lingcod.” It’s about my summer trip from 2008 down the western coast of Vancouver Island solo in a skin-on-frame kayak, and about doing subsistence kayaking all the way.

Since the article was wordy enough, instead I’m gonna put some of the unpublished photos from the trip here. If you want to find out more, I’ll be giving a presentation on the trip this Saturday, November 6th, at the Kayak Academy for Greenland Week, or you can just pick up a Sea Kayaker!

31 Days in Photos

Early dawn over Brooks Peninsula, awaiting my fate in the sea.
Partial Panorama of Brooks Lagoon
Moonrise over the estuary. The best single reason to go sea kayaking!
Telltale traces of foam around a recently submerged boomer
A storm rolls in over Rugged Point, increasing to 60 knot winds.
The long 1/4 mile walk over boulders to the low tide so I can launch my kayak. Lucky to be paddling a skin-on-frame!
A lingcod on my line, looking slightly upset.
Looking happy, with good weather and tropical beaches.
Less happy after 9 days of rain.
My biologist friends Oliver and Cristina, whom I met at Rugged Point.

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  1. What a great article in 'Sea Kayaker'! I would love to know the full list of gear that you took with you on the trip.

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