Apparently orca whales simply cannot resist singing. This summer I took some friends out to paddle the West Coast of San Juan Island and we encountered JPod, and their two new calves could not stop coming over to investigate our singing and our skinboats…

And no, we did not paddle up the orcas. WA State now has new rules regarding kayaks at a distance of 200 yds, but since they are quite a bit faster than we are and we are forced to stop if they come close, then we pretty much sit still for 4 hours while play around us. But I tell you, it’s the singing. For the NW Coast Indians, singing brings the seals. For us, it brings whales. Always has.






2 responses to “Singing to Orcas

  1. Absolutly beautiful pictures.
    Just finished my own sof and love it, am finishing up a traditional paddle and can’t wait to try it out.
    Keep up the good work.

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