Double Baidarka with Sail


This double baidarka is beautiful and in remarkably good shape. At 21′ long, with a rudder and a good solid beam with a multi-chined hull, it appears to be an excellent paddler. I believe this was one of George Dyson’s original baidarkas he built around 25 years ago, as the attention to historic detail is excellent and nobody else of that time would have built anything like this. The baidarka is built to sail, with a downwind sail rig and a maststep that goes through the top deck and into a socket on the hull.

The interior frame is fir and cedar, and the outer skin is canvas coated with a marine paint. The skin exterior is in excellent shape for its age but it does have small tears in two locations- bottom of the center hull and at the stern on the chines. Both would repair quite easily with Gorilla repair tape or an aquaseal patch. The skin interior doesn’t show any rot but it does have the detritus of having been paddled and sat.

The internal frame is probably in the best shape and if the skin were removed this would be an absolutely beautiful frame for a restaurant or a cabin. Given that it was almost certainly a Dyson reproduction of an original Unangan 2-hatch baidarka from the sea otter hunting era, it also has a lot of unique history attached to it.

This is a consignment kayak, and the original owner has it stored in Seattle.

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