A collection of time-lapses from our favorite workshops and other SOF-centric videos. Enjoy!

Time-lapse: Suomenlinna Fortress, Finland

A time-lapse from our recent workshop in Finland. This crew got to build kayaks in the ancient fortress on the island of Suomenlinna that guards the entrance to Helsinki, Finland. Check out the entire 9-day building process in just 1-minute! And watch the Tower of Karhu grow in the background… (post-workshop consumption only, of course!)

A Brief Introduction to Skin-on-Frame Kayaks

A classic: watch Kiliii jump on a kayak! (and check out that hair!)

Time-lapse: Old Rainier Brewery, Seattle

A time-lapse from our first workshop in Seattle: hosted in the iconic Rainier Brewery.


Once in a while, we leave to shop to get out on the water. Here’s a snapshot of some of the trips we’ve taken in recent years. Check out our Paddler Resources for more information about trip gear, safety on the water, and inspiration for your next adventure!

Spring is Coming: Paddling Finland's Archipelago

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. That’s what happened when a week-long trek to find king crabs in Norway turned into an overnight trip on Finland’s southern Baltic coast. As it turns out, what makes a great trip is not distance paddled, but the people you share it with. And a little bit of Karhu.

Paddling Crete: Blue Water, Orange Kayak

Although we normally don’t use plastic (gasp!) kayaks, when you have an opportunity to paddle the impossibly blue waters of Crete’s southern coast, you don’t gripe about the ride. Here’s some footage of the amazing water, as well as a real life sea kayak rescue from the unparalleled Martin!

Adventures with Humpbacks in Monterey Bay

By Kiliii Yuyan: In the protected waters of California’s Monterey Bay, humpback whales gather to feed on anchovies. My friend Tom and I paddled out to witness this incredible sight, and ended up having the experience of a lifetime when the whales suddenly surfaced feet from our kayaks. It was the day I was almost swallowed by a humpback whale! Read Kiliii’s full story here:


Once in awhile, we are asked to collaborate with a company or an independent filmmaker who wants to tell the story of traditional kayaks. Through these projects, we’ve met and worked with some truly excellent creatives and like-minded people. Below are our favorite vignettes produced by these storytellers.

Parajumpers Stories: The Art of Kayak Building

Italians love sea kayaks! We spent a beautiful week of Washington autumn with Italian clothing company Parajumpers for their STORIES series. Check out the video for some awesome footage of our Kurki kayak model, and Gus the Kitten! || From Parajumers: Exploring windswept beaches, unspoiled woods and imposing rocks and discovering rare wildlife and the unique heritage of the Inuit and Aleut people, this episode of Stories by Parajumpers is dedicated to Kiliii Yuyan, the founder and owner of Seawolf Kayak, a company that started as a survival school for ancient skills and that celebrates the traditional art of building skin-on-frame kayaks.

The Way of Indigenous Boatbuilding, by Henrik von Martens

During our second ever workshop in Helsinki, we were approached by a freelance filmmaker about documenting the process. One year later, our now good friend Henrik built a kayak himself (you can spot him in our time-lapse from Suomenlinna, Finland!) || From Henrik: This is a minidoc with Kiliii Yuyan about traditional skin-on-frame kayaks. Kiliii is a photographer, kayak designer and kayak explorer who travels the world teaching the art of building skin-on-frames. This film was shot in Helsinki, Finland, in February/March 2016, during one of his workshops. I had the immense privilege of documenting the building process of the boats as well as getting to interview Kiliii. It was truly inspiring. © 2016 Henrik von Martens

Barney Builds a Kayak: DPReview Blends Our Love of Photography and Kayak Building

Our workshops attract participants from all walks of life: enthusiastic woodworkers, semi-pro sea kayakers, traditionalists, and everything in between. Or sometimes, none of the above. Sometimes, people just need to get out from behind their desk, pick up a chisel, and get crafty. Last April, our friend Barney, over at the camera review site, got it in his head that he’d like to document the process of building a kayak. The result is a camera field test for the Canon EOS 80D—but just below the surface is the story of a young urbanite living out a boyhood dream he never knew he had. This video combines our three favorite things: kayak building, photography, and the drought-dry wit of our friend Barney Britton. Be warned: it’s a long video, but it’s a very good look at the entire process of building a kayak in our workshops. Sit back, relax, and watch Barney build his first kayak.

Land Rover Presents: Glowing Waters in the San Juan Islands

Back in July Land Rover asked me to guide a trip in the San Juan islands, exploring the bioluminescence in the nighttime waters there. It was an amazing time, and I made some great friends including marine biologist Mariana Fuentes and photographer Owen Perry. We got see a natural phenomenon by kayak that few ever will– waters that glow when you dip your paddle in them!

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